Toilet Cleaning Tips

Toilet Cleaning Tips
One basis of a clean house is a clean toilet. Here is our guide towards having a clean toilet.
Things you need to prepare:
        toilet cleaner
        toilet brush with long handle
        paper towels
        bucket of water
       disinfectant in a spray cleaner
1. Remove the adornments or items on top of the toilet bowl. Remove as well any stuff around the foot of the bowl such as rubber mat or slippers to avoid contaminating them with bowl cleaners.
2. Wear your gloves. You may also want to wear an eye protection to protect your eyes from harsh chemicals of toilet cleaners.
3. Wet the bowl sit with water.
4. Squirt toilet cleaner on the inner surface of the bowl then to the rim. But avoid wasting it by pouring it on the water where it has no cleaning effect.
5. Brush around the inner surfaces of the bowl using a brush with long handle.
6. Scrub the exterior and the sit of the bowl with a sponge.
7. Close the bowl then flush the toilet. This will rinse off the dirt that were removed by brushing. Closing it would prevent the bacteria from spreading.
8. Open again the bowl and continue scrubbing until you think that it's already clean. If a yellowish waterline has formed, you may use white vinegar. Let it stay in the water overnight. Then flush on the next day.
9. Spray the inside surfaces, the rim, the sit, the exterior, and the base with toilet disinfectant. Spray also at the floor and on the tiles.
10.  Using paper tissue, wipe the seat, the flush handle, the top and the entire hard surfaces that you have sprayed with disinfectant.
11. Leave everything dry.
12. Put your decoration and items back on top of your newly cleaned toilet.
    And you're done. Next time that your guest will use your toilet, you will not feel secretly awkward about it anymore.
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