Tips on How to Do Your Summer Grill Cleaning

Tips on How to Do Your Summer Grill Cleaning
A part of summer fun is the many cookouts happening during the season. This should keep you excited and put you to work as spring starts to end. It's time to bring out the grills that have been in storage during the cold months and start cleaning them.
Prepare Way Beforehand
While most people focus on cleaning their grills come summer, you should actually clean the grill before you store it. This will make cleaning later on faster and easier on you. For instance, you could scrape up the residue and grease while cooking to minimize buildup. And after cooking the last batch, burn any grease and debris left. Simply close the grill and turn up the heat for five minutes. Then clean the whole grill by wiping off the ashes. Apply some cooking oil on the grill before storing them.
What to Do When You Take out the Grill
You basically need an oven cleaner and a wire brush. If you have a stainless steel grill, it's even easier because you simply have to remove the grill and spray oven cleaner and seal it inside a bag overnight. The following day all the dirt will easily come out when you scrub it using a non-scratching scouring pad. Then you can rinse the cleaner off and dry it too. To avoid rusting wipe some cooking oil on the grill too.
On the other hand, you can use an oven cleaner or a heavy degreaser solution for the inside of a kettle grill. You can use a glass cleaner on the outside. If you have gas grills you can clean the flavorizer bars and the outer surface using a wire brush. Wipe the whole thing using a damp sponge and rinse off.
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