Thinking About Cleaning Stone and Brick

Thinking About Cleaning Stone and Brick What could be easier than cleaning stone and brick? In one sense, nothing. In another sense, however, cleaning such materials can be a little complicated, too, because using inappropriate cleaning materials can lead to discoloration or worse. For this reason, you should do a little research on what chemicals are safe to use on your particular kind of stone or brick.
Using a pressure washer is probably a good option for you, but there are certain details that you should pay attention to. For one, you should use an appropriate pressure tip. Using a "zero tip," which creates a small but very powerful stream of water, can erode your stone or brick, and may even create depressions on the surface. A wise bet would be the "15 degree tip," which is the generic type. This will give you a good balance between area and pressure, so that you have enough force to blast off any unwanted stuff on your stone or brick, while not endangering your material's integrity.
Try to stand a little distance from your stone or brick. Standing too close to it would subject it to the full force of the jet of water coming out from your pressure washer. Move the nozzle closer only if there's a particularly problematic area, and do it only briefly.
Chemical cleaners are especially dangerous for brick surfaces. So the favoured method is cleaning with soap, water and a hard-bristled brush. It may seem old fashioned, but you weren't really going for "modern" when you decided to use brick, were you?
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