Practical Tips on How to Keep Your Carpet Looking Clean and Brand New

Practical Tips on How to Keep Your Carpet Looking Clean  and  Brand New Due to their sheer comfort, beauty and practicality, carpet has been the favorite flooring material of homeowners for years now. The only problem that you will have is keeping the carpet clean because it easily gathers dust, grime and stains. Although regular vacuuming helps, you still need to have it professionally cleaned at least twice a year or more for the high-traffic areas of the house. This way, you can keep your carpeted floors clean and sanitized.
Should I Use Carpet Cleaning Chemicals at Home?
As mentioned earlier, regular vacuuming is a must to remove the superficial dirt and grime that sticks to the surface of the carpet. However, this only removes about 80% of the dirt and dust - the remaining 20% will remain embedded there unless you have the carpet professionally cleaned.
Now, in between the visits of a professional carpet cleaning company, how are you supposed to deal with stains? Red wine spills, for instance, needs to be blotted away and cleaned using a salt concentrate solution. There are other quick home remedies to get rid of stains, just make sure to deal with it as soon as it appears so it will not leave an unsightly mark on your carpet.
When choosing chemical carpet stain cleaners which are readily available in hardware stores, just make sure that the solution will not harm your skin. It should also be gentle enough not to harm the environment. If the stain is not removed using a typical carpet stain removal kit, then you might need to seek the help of a professional carpet cleaning company to have the stain removed before it gets to be a permanent part of your flooring material.
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