No More Clogged Drains with these Easy Cleaning Tips

No More Clogged Drains with these Easy Cleaning Tips Clogged drain? There is a more effective and lasting solution to it than pouring a good ‘ol drain solution. Listed below are the top cleaning tips to keep your drains as trouble free as possible.
1.     Find the cause of the clog
Different clogs require different solutions. Distinguish what's clogging your drains to know what the most suitable solution is. For instance, if the drain is caused by strands of hair, a drain stick with barbs on the side can be thrust into the drain to collect the hair.
2.     Keep the tools handy
It's impossible to unclog drains without any tools. And you certainly want to have them available if and when the clog happens. Your drain cleaning kit must include a drain stick, a small wet/dry vacuum and a plunger.
3.     Try all-natural solutions
Instead of using harsh chemicals, go for drain cleaners made of natural ingredients. A simple vinegar and baking soda solution usually does the trick for drains with build-ups on the sides.
4.     Clear the elbow grease
This process may take more than basic repair skills but it is very effective in keeping the pipes clog-free. Don't attempt to dismantle the piping if you are not sure how to put them back together.
As they say, prevention is better than cure. So use a strainer to catch hair in the drain and pour natural solution every other day to avoid clog build-ups. By following these tips, you can guarantee a drain that flows smoothly everyday.
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