How to Clean House Exteriors

How to Clean House Exteriors
The weather is fine and sunny, and you have invited your friends for a simple get together. So your house needs to be clean inside and out. Impress your friends with a clean house. We have suggested ways in cleaning the exteriors of your house.
Things to prepare:
brush             protective mask
water hose        oxygenated bleach
sponge                  gloves
soap powder
trisodium (tsp)
gallon of water
bucket of water
Get rid of the stuff or decors that you think you don't need anymore. Just make sure to dispose them properly. Attend to your flowering plants and ornamentals, you may want to give them a style.
Patch up holes or cracks at the bottom of the walls of your house. Repaint some areas which need repainting.
1. Dilute soap powder to a bucket of water. Scrub the walls of your house from up to bottom.
2. Your siding and masonry may already be slimy and dirty due to the growth of mildew in it. Treat mildews by using trisodium (tsp). Mix with bleach. Spray or use a sponge. Scrub in concrete but do not use in glass. Rinse thoroughly by pouring water or using a water hose. 
Tsp is a dangerous solution. This can burn your skin and damage your eyes. This can also cause damage to your furniture. So make sure to protect your eyes and skin by wearing protective mask and clothing. Read instructions from its packaging before using it. Rinse thoroughly after using.
3.  Dust your wooden chairs, plastic chairs, glass table or metal chairs and tables and other furniture that you have outside your house.
4. Sanitise your surrounding. To sanitise, use oxygenated bleach or sodium precarbonate. This is effective and is a non-flammable product so it is safe for use. Rinse thoroughly.
5. Clean also eaves of the house. Reach them by means of a ladder. Just be careful when you do so.
6. Clean the driveway. Scrub with soapy water.  Rinse well or else you know what will happen.
7. Do the heavy sweeping. Sweep around the whole surroundings of your house. Remove leaves and animal wastes if there are any.
Your house is more beautiful now than before.
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