Home Refrigerator: How to Better Clean the Machine

Home Refrigerator:  How to Better Clean the Machine Many people do not find it enjoying and fun to clean and defrost the refrigerator every so often.  The cleaning activity is just so messy and it usually takes so much time. In order to eliminate the usual burdens and hassles in cleaning the refrigerator, the following tips are being suggested:
a.        Make sure that the following cleaning materials or supplies are available:  detergent soap, baking soda, cloth or sponge, mild dish soap, hot and warm water.  You  will be using all these materials to ensure that you get to rid all of the refrigerator dirt and stain.
b.      You can start cleaning the outer parts of the refrigerator.  Use warm water and the mild soap. Fill the basin with soapy water and get the sponge; very softly rub the external parts and dry all the sponged areas with the cloth that you have.  Make sure that you have extra cloth for drying the other parts of the machine and never leave any part that is wet with soap and water.
c.       Scrub the racks and remove all the trays.  Tray should be dipped on the basin with soap in order to loosen the dirt.  This makes the cleaning more easy to facilitate and administer.  After that you should go on scrubbing the ref racks.  Make sure that the racks are properly rubbed.
These are some of the cleaning tips that you can follow in making a once a month cleaning regimen on your refrigerator - very simple, easy to follow, and practical. 
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