Get to Know Your Carpets before Cleaning

Get to Know Your Carpets before Cleaning Most professional carpet cleaners will agree that using tons of water for cleaning gives better results. This is due to the fact that water helps suspend dust and dirt from the carpet and the more water you put into it, the more dirt will be flushed through. However, excessive water use can also cause a lot of problems if applied on certain types of carpets.
Carpet cleaning techniques differ in accordance with varying carpet types. Therefore, you should get to know your carpet first before attempting a DIY carpet cleaning. Once you become acquainted to your carpet          , you will be able to determine the appropriate cleaning process for it.
Carpet Backing
Carpet backing is the layer between the carpet fibers and the floor. Generally, there are two main types of backing: permeable and impermeable. Permeable back allows water to soak into the floor which means longer periods of drying may be needed. On the other hand, impermeable backed carpet does not allow water to flow through. Hence, more water can be used as it can dry up quickly.
Face Yarn
There are also two main categories of face yarn. Loop pile has fibers that are weaved with closed loops and are tightly knitted together while cut pile has an open face yarn with separate fibers. Dirt and water in loop piled carpets do not sink into the carpet because of the limited space. If you have cut pile yarn for your carpet, go easy on the water when cleaning. Otherwise, you will have to wait for days before it completely dries up.
Carpet Fiber
Carpets made of Nylon and Olefin fibers do not absorb water. Hence, you can use a good dose of water to flush out the dirt. However, you must be careful in selecting cleaning solutions as some chemicals may react with the carpet fiber.
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