Following Cleaning Instructions

Following Cleaning Instructions
All the different kinds of furniture and other things in your house cannot be cleaned the same way. Some are made of certain materials that can be damaged when you use the wrong kind of cleaning solution or clean them the wrong way.
Always be familiar with the maintenance and cleaning instructions for certain items in your home. For example, items made out of natural stone should not be exposed to hot items as well as sharp implements as it may cause scratches to the surface, thereby blemishing it. The same goes for other polished objects.
The materials your items are made out of have a lot to do with how they should be cleaned. Bamboo blinds for example, cannot be cleaned just by using regular cleaner - due to the character of the wood, you need to use specially made cleaners so that your bamboo blinds will not be damaged, and its quality maintained.
It is very important to always note the cleaning instructions for your household items so that you can clean them and maintain them in the proper way. Not following cleaning instructions essentially defeats the purpose of maintenance and cleaning in the first place, because you just contribute to the faster degradation of the item in question.
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