Encouraging Good Cleaning Habits In Your Teenager

Encouraging Good Cleaning Habits In Your Teenager Is there anything harder to do than to get a teenager to clean up after himself or herself? Probably not, unless you consider scaling Mount Everest, eliminating world poverty or making China democratic. Besides, each teenager is an individual in his or her own right, so it will be different for each and every one. But are there any general tips that might help you encourage your teenager to be more organized, neat and hygienic? Here are some suggestions: -         Don't clean up after them. This may seem difficult to implement completely, but you don't have to, anyway. Just determine that you won't clean his or her room, for example. -         If they start to feel the consequences of their bad habits, let them. If they're missing something and you honestly think it's because of their insistence on being untidy, then be kind, but don't offer to help. That way they will learn to take responsibility for themselves. -         Don't nag. Nagging your teenager will only motivate them to rebel even more. Besides, if you adopt this attitude, it will be all too easy to treat him or her unfairly at times, and that will really be hurtful to your relationship and counterproductive to your "training" program. If they make a mistake, be sympathetic and don't make things worse by insisting that the reason they're suffering is that they didn't listen to you earlier. If your teenager is hardheaded, none of these methods will work, but you shouldn't give up on him or her without trying these first, at least.  
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