Basic Steps to Keep your Home Clean and Neat

Basic Steps to Keep your Home Clean and Neat Everyone wants to have a home that is neat and tidy.  It is for this reason that people are allotting some of their time to make their homes clean and organized. Others are getting to the point of paying the services of other people in order to make their homes clean and organized. Whatever your method in keeping the house clean, the following tips would be very practical and highly suggested:
a.       Make it a routine to clean the house.  The saying "clean as you go" should be your motto and this should be passed on to your kids for it to become a habit.  By asking your kids to clean the mess after using them would be a good practice.
b.     Do not wait for the next day to clean the mess.  Remove all the clutters at the very moment that you see one. Some of the more usual clutters at home are newspapers and other reading materials such as books, magazines, and catalogs.  Make it a habit to have these placed in a bin.
c.      Make sure that a general cleaning day is always scheduled.  Apart from the daily cleaning habit that you have, make sure that you have a general cleaning day.  This helps you de-clutter the house once a week. 
d.     Have your dirty clothes washed every week in order to decongest the bin regularly.  More often, the dirty clothes cause the cluttering that is sore to the eye.
These are the basic steps that you need to do in order to achieve a clean and neat house.
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