A Step by Step Move out Cleaning Plan

A Step by Step Move out Cleaning Plan
If you are about to move out, you are probably worried about cleaning up. Packing alone can keep you occupied when moving. And cleaning up before the move may be one of the last things you want to think about during these busy days. Alleviate the stress by having a step-by-step plan of action cleaning and fixing. Get your security deposit back by leaving your apartment in the same ‘move-in' condition you found it.
Step 1: Start off by creating a cleaning checklist based on the list mentioned against the actual areas in your house. Focus on areas the need special attention so the cleaning and fixing will be easier to handle.
Step 2: If you stuck too many nails on the wall, remove the nails and fill up the holes with fillers. For discolored patches caused by friction of furniture, use magic eraser or paint.
Step 3: Make sure you leave your kitchen spotless. Scrub sinks with warm water and detergent. Clean all the grimes of kitchen appliances such as the oven and refrigerator.
Step 4: Do all the necessary repairs including broken blinds. Then, replace all lighting fixtures that are not working.
Step 5: Next, sweep and mop the floor area thoroughly. Make sure all corners including the carpeted areas are vacuumed.
Step 6: When cleaning the bathroom, pay close attention to the toilet. Don't forget to scrub the tub and the sink to reveal a gleaming shower space.
Step 7: Remember to dispose all the collected garbage properly.
Step 8: Document the cleaning task by taking some pictures.
By following the step by step move out plan, you will surely get your security deposit back without issues. Use it to buy new furniture and appliances in your new home. 
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