I had never taken good care of my kitchen and so it came back to haunt me later. I was left with stains and mess I couldn't clean myself and so I needed some help. I called in the experts at Cleaning Carpet and they assured me they could to the job. They took care of every single aspect of the task so that there wasn't a trace of dust, stains, dirt or whatever. They did it surprisingly quickly as well, so my kitchen was spotless in just a few hours. I am very impressed with their skill and work and will definitely consider hiring them again.
Sara Ford24/09/2015
     My mother is too old to do the cleaning of the house herself and I live too far to come by her place and assist her. This is why I gave a call to 0800CarpetCleaner to come by twice a week and do a regular clean. My mother was so happy with the job the cleaners did, as well as their behaviour that she asked me give a good review to the company on her behalf. Thanks to them, I can now rest easy about my mother. And she can continue enjoying to live in a clean home.
     0800CarpetCleaner did such a wonderful job for me when I needed help with my end of tenancy clean. I was a bit stuck as I needed to move out quite quickly and didn't have the time to get all the cleaning supplies I needed, let alone clean my flat from end to end. Fortunately someone recommended this cleaning company and the cleaners did a tremendous job of all the tough cleaning jobs like cleaning the oven, cleaning the bathroom and doing all the little jobs like cleaning the fronts of cupboards and the tiles. They were well worth the fee!
     When the professionals need to get involved, I only hire the best. A service that I can trust is my top priority. I've hired so many services before that didn't quite live up to my expectations, that I just have to do my research beforehand. 0800CarpetCleaner was the cleaning service that I felt the best about, and I'm happy to say that that trust wasn't misplaced. They did a marvelous job with my house, and I was very happy with the result. They got the place all cleaned up before the missus got home, and she was mighty impressed too! A great hiring experience, and I'll definitely be using them again.
Mick M.29/08/2014
     The cleaner that arrived at my house was wonderful. She did such a good job and I actually said to her it was nice to see someone who was such a conscientious and good worker. She said to me that she loves cleaning and I think that says a lot about her and in turn 0800CarpetCleaner. They seem to employ really good staff and although I usually have the same girl come now, I've also had a couple of others and they've been the same in terms of being hard-working as well as helpful. Given the price I paid was superb as well I think you would make be making the right decision to hire this company as I did.