Vexed With Bathtub Cleaning? Ease It with Simple Ideas

Vexed With Bathtub Cleaning? Ease It with Simple Ideas
Who will love to have bath in an untidy bathtub? If you do not clean the bathtub

for a very long time, mildew growth begins that may cause skin disorders or health problems. The scary part that causes people to postpone bathtub cleaning is scrubbing. This is right, if you have neglected cleaning bathtub for a very long time; soap scum has dried up and formed layers on the bathtub.  If you regularly clean the bathtub, it will not be very tough to clean and it will sparkle like new. Following are some simple tips on bathtub cleaning and the precautions to be taken.
Tips on cleaning
* First thing you should do before cleaning a bathtub is to empty the place in the tub where all the bottles are placed.
* Now spray a liquid cleaner or sprinkle the cleaning powder. Gently spread the cleaner all over the tub. Make sure that the cleaner has reached all corners of the tub. Allow time for it to dissolve the dirt.
* Whilst you are waiting for the cleaner to dissolve the stains, clean the bottles that were earlier placed on the tub.
* After about 15-30 minutes of spraying the cleaner, scrub it with a heavy duty brush to get rid of any stubborn stains. To prevent the soaring of your back whilst scrubbing, use a brush specific for cleaning tiles and tub. Solution of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and vinegar help to eliminate stubborn stains.
* Last step is to wash the cleaner thoroughly with water. If any stains are still seen, repeat the process.
* Use disinfectant once in a month to prevent mildew growth.
* Addition of degreasing agent in the bath water after your have finished bathing will help to prevent the formation of soap scum rings on the tub.
* Do not forget to wear hand gloves whilst using highly strong cleaners.
* Use goggles to protect eyes from fumes if you are using acids.
* It is recommended to use old outfit. Cleaners have bleaching action and hence will decolourise the clothes very easily.
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