Vacuum Cleaning Tips for Heavy Curtains

Vacuum Cleaning Tips for Heavy Curtains
Curtains are one of the most vital accessories in a room. Aside from their elegance and beauty, many home owners use heavy curtains to keep their rooms warm and private. However, heavy curtains may trap dust and mites and cleaning can be a seen as a huge hassle and an unwanted chore for some.
Some heavy curtains often require dry cleaning but many can't afford to have them dry-cleaned every now and then. Cleaning heavy curtains may be discouraging but before you think of buying window blinds and light curtains as a substitute to heavy curtains, think again. Here are vacuum cleaning tips to maintain and refresh your heavy curtains.
1.     Prepare your vacuum accessories. You will need:
Crevice tool (elongated cylindrical attachment)
Upholstery tool (flattened, triangular shape)
Rounded brush
2.     Pull your curtains to maximize surface area.
3.     Start from working your way from the top to bottom and develop a pattern to suck up dust and mites effectively.
4.     Use the extension hose to reach higher places. Remember to open the vent to prevent excessive drag.
5.     To avoid damages on embroidered fabrics, use the round brush attachment.
By following these vacuum cleaning tips, you won't need to have your heavy curtains laundered as often as you think you should. Don't forget to keep them smelling clean by spraying a fabric freshener.
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