Understanding the Carpet Scam and How to Avoid These

Understanding the Carpet Scam and How to Avoid These Did you know that even with carpets and carpet cleaning service companies there are still scams that you should be aware of?  Well, these scams may seem to be very isolated cases but you still have to be very aware of their existence.
One classic example of a carpet cleaning scam that many people become victims of is when someone gets inside the house offering carpet cleaning service at such a price.  This "bait and switch" scamming technique happens when they charge too many extra fees after cleaning the carpets at home.  Sadly, many people become victims of this type of scam without being cautioned. 
Below are some few steps that you can take to avoid being scammed:
a.        Never believe and entertain the idea of low charges in carpet cleaning.   If you do, there is no way on stopping this cycle.  What you can actually do is be extra vigilant with all the offerings that they give you.  Be cautious about what they are saying.
b.      Never let these people get inside the house when they ask you that they will be doing cleaning demonstration.  This will be the start of the nightmare that you would never want to have.  Resist the offer on the initial stage so that the bait will not become evident in the next phase. 
c.       When things become uncontrollable, make sure that you ask them for a detailed billing prior the start of the cleaning and emphasize that you need to know if there are extra charges that you need to know.  In this way, you will be able to send the message across very clearly.
These are the things that you should know about carpet cleaning scammers and how you can avoid being victims of these people.
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