Sofa Cleaning Tips You May Not Have Known

Sofa Cleaning Tips You May Not Have Known Same as every other item in your house, sofas also need proper cleaning if you want to maintain them beautiful, young and properly sanitised. However, unlike with many of the other items in a household, sofa cleaning cannot be “guessed out”. You cannot drench your sofa in whatever cleaner comes in handy and you cannot simply scrub off the dirt either. In fact, there are very specific techniques you should keep in mind when it comes to sofa cleaning. These tips will help you clean better, faster and easier as well so make sure to read on and find out more!1.    The first thing you should do is read the instructions that came with your sofa. This is extremely important, especially if the sofa is under warranty because you could use the wrong product on it and this will void the warranty as a consequence. 2.    Secondly, you should know that before actually cleaning the sofa, you should make sure to do the prep-work as well. It all starts with vacuuming the sofa and the cushions as well because this will make sure that dust will not get mixed with the water and shampoo you will apply later on, making the sofa cleaning much more difficult. 3.    Also, you should dust off any wooden areas before you actually clean the sofa proper. This way, you don’t risk forgetting about them and you make sure that everything about your sofa is clean. 4.    You should also know what type of fabric your sofa and cushions are covered in because this will determine the way in which you will clean them. Plus sofas are not cleaned the same way as leather sofas, for example, and using one of the methods instead of the other can really damage the aspect of your sofa. 5.    The care instructions should give you plenty of information on how to clean your sofa and how to make sure that you don’t use anything that may damage the structure or color of the fabric covering it. 6.    To make sure the cleaning process is as successful as possible, you should rent a carpet cleaner and use it because it will definitely be the best option when it comes to this. 7.    Use only the recommended shampoos for your sofa and fill in the carpet cleaner. When you use this item, remind yourself to use the suction tool as well (if you are provided with it). This should help you get all the dirt off your sofa and leave it perfectly clean behind. 8.    Before you put the sofa and the cushions back together, make sure you allow them to dry off completely.9.    Stains on the sofa do not necessarily mean that you have to clean the entire sofa. You can apply a spot treatment as well. However, when you do this make sure you read the sofa tags or manual to find out the type of cleaner you can use. W means that you can use water based detergents. S means that you can use dry solvent detergents and X means that you should use professional cleaning services.10.    Certain types of stains are more difficult to remove in the sense that normal cleaners will not do much for them. Wax, for example, should be removed by placing a paper towel on the spot that needs “treatment”, by making sure it stays in place and by ironing it. This way, the wax will transfer itself to the paper towel and the stain will be fully removed.
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