Services Offered by Our Cleaning Companies

Services Offered by Our Cleaning Companies
Not all cleaning jobs are the same.  Different cleaning jobs require different cleaning methods, materials and equipment. A competent cleaning company should be able to provide you the right cleaning services that you need.
What cleaning services can we offer you?
1. Rug cleaning. Rugs are distinctive accents in your home.  Anyone who visits your home should see the beauty of the design and the vividness of the colour of your rugs, not the dirt or the stains on them.  We can steam clean the dirt and stains off your rugs.
2. Carpet cleaning. Carpets are not just decorations in your house.  They also make your house warmer and more comfortable.  You need to keep them dirt-free, dust-free and germ-free so your family and your guests can comfortably walk around and lay about on your carpets without worry.  Through our steam cleaning techniques, we can remove the dust and dirt out of your rugs, as well as kill the germs nestling in them.
3. Upholstery cleaning. Your upholstered furniture are amongst the most used furnishings in your home.  You would want your family and your guests to sit on your chairs and settees without cringing at the dirt and stains on them.  With the steam cleaning techniques that we use, we can clean those dirt and stains away.
4. Office cleaning. If you want a higher level of productivity amongst your employees, one of the things you need to do is to keep your office clean.  Not only is a clean office comfortable to work in, but it will also impress both your employees and your clients.  Not only do we steam clean your carpets and upholstery, but we also clean your work surfaces, your office equipment and all the hard-to-reach areas often neglected during cleaning.
5. End-of-tenancy cleaning.  Moving to a new home is always a tedious process, and cleaning your flat is one of those many chores that you need to do.  You would want to leave your flat clean so that you can get your deposit from your landlord in full.  We can clean all the surfaces of your home, as well as appliances, cupboards and cabinets, and even your bathroom.
We use only safe and environment-friendly cleaners and equipment in our work.  Our steam cleaning methods are first rate, certified to be the best in the industry.  Not only do we guarantee 100% cleanliness after we are done, but we offer you a one-year warranty if you do not like our work.
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