How to Maintain a Clean Basement

How to Maintain a Clean Basement
The basement is the usual part of the house that was used in storing different kinds of things from furniture to toys, to magasines and other souvenirs, memoirs, etc. This might present some organising problems but it's easy once you've started.
You will be able to maintain a clean basement if you've already sort, arrange and organise all the things that is stored in the basement. This article will not give you tips on the general cleaning of basement but of maintaining a clean basement.
Putting a Platform
Putting a platform will prevent the things from getting wet especially if your basement was usually flooded. If your basement is flooded you might consider adding up another layer in the flooring to make it higher and prevent the water from getting in. This will save you the time in always relocating your things whenever it rains.
Regular Checking
Regularly check your basement. Check if there are some flooding, cobwebs, dust already gathering on the shelves and drawers. Check also if there are some things that might decay if it gets wet. Have a light cleaning if you've noticed some of those things. Just simple wiping on the surfaces and sweeping the floor and ceilings may do.
Also check the boxes where you stored some of your things if there is crack or tear. If there is, repair it immediately.
You might have to rearrange if you are adding things to be stored. Always make sure that big objects should be in the bottom and should not be moved frequently. Small objects may get lost amongst the bigger objects so it's better if you put it in some place higher and exclusively for smaller things like shelves and drawers. If you have to add some things, don't rearrange all because this may be too tiring and hard for you.
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