How To Get Rid of Nasty Mildews

How To Get Rid of Nasty Mildews Mildew is nothing but fungus that grows on damp surfaces at suitable temperatures. We come across the problem of mildews in closed areas that are moist and poorly ventilated like the basement. So, the simple solution to get rid of mildews is to avoid moist atmosphere and increase the extent of ventilation.  Let's see other ideas to gain control over the problem of mildews. Maintaining a hygienic atmosphere Dirt and dust provide enough food for mildew growth. Hence, maintain cleanliness throughout the house such as closets, kitchen cabinets and basements etc. Never leave dirty clothes unwashed for a very long time. Maintain proper air conditioning of the room As humid atmosphere promotes the growth of mildew, keep the room cool. Cool air has less humidity and hence restricts mildew growth. Take care of water dripping in to the walls. If the walls are moist, the air in the room becomes damp. You can even make use dehumidifying chemicals like silica gel, activated alumina, and anhydrous calcium sulphate that absorb moisture from the air. You can even consider placing bulbs of 60-100 wattage in closets to drive away any moisture. Provide proper ventilation Outside air will be totally dry during the summer season. Hence, if you keep all the doors and windows open allowing free flow of air, you can control the problem of mildews to a great extent without any effort. Once in a week you can even keep the closet doors open. Eliminate the problem at budding stage If you come across fungal growth in any area of the house, get rid of it immediately. Negligence increases the severity of the problem in no time. Sprinkling of bleaching powder or use of dilute solution of sodium hypochlorite gets rid of the musty odour very easily. Use of mildew inhibitor like paradichlorobenzene in closets or other closed cabinets prevents fungal growth. Apart from the above tips take proper care of leather goods, wooden furniture, papers and books by use of appropriate agents like paradichlorobenzene.