How to Effectively Clean Your Bed Sheets

How to Effectively Clean Your Bed Sheets You always lay your face directly on your bed sheets. So you definitely need to clean it if you don't want to inhale the dust and the other allergens the whole night. It also feels fresher and more relaxing to lay in clean and fresh smelling bed sheets.   Bed sheets should be changed at least once a week. But when doing so you need to separate whites from colored sheets. To maintain the whiteness of white bed sheets, you can bleach it from time to time. But if you are conscious about using chemicals, you can use natural bleaches like lemon and vinegar with water. Depending on the weather it would even feel fresher and cleaner if you hang them outside especially during summer and spring.   Even colored bed sheets can be hung outdoors. You can even lay them on the grass as long as the lawn is clean. However, during winter you would have to tumble it dry in your dryer indoors. Just use regular laundry soap. And to make your bed sheets softer you can use fabric softeners as well. The important thing is you are comfortable when sleeping in your bed. You should also feel clean and fresh in your bed to allow you more relaxation. And most of all, you would be healthier when you use clean sheets at all times.
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