How to Do Office Cleaning

How to Do Office Cleaning
Cleaning a home office or a small office is not that hard to do, even if you have to do it on your own. All you need to do to get this cleaning done is to schedule a specific time and to muster up enough energy to complete the task.  Most of all, you must motivate yourself so you would have the proper mindset to undertake this chore.
So, how do you get your office cleaning done?  Here is how.
1. Dress appropriately. Cleaning would involve a lot of dirt and grime getting on your clothes, and that dirt may not come off with washing anymore.  So, dress in old and beat-up clothes before you start.  A pair of work gloves would also be handy in protecting your hands from harsh cleaning agents.
2. Remove items that might get damaged.  Some items in your home office may be too delicate for casual handling; get them out of the room before you start cleaning to prevent damage.  Also, roll up the carpet and the rug if you have them in your home office so you would not get dust or dirt on them.
3. Sort out clutter. Unless you are a fastidious person, you are bound to have clutter in your office.  Sort your things out and throw away the things you no longer need.
4. Dust from top to bottom.  Apply a dust cloth on every surface in your office, starting from the top and working down to the bottom.  You may want to apply polish on your furniture and your computer.
5. Clean the floor. Clean your floor with a mop and a floor cleaner.  Mix in bleach with the floor cleaner to kill germs lodged in your floor if you want. Let the floor dry; afterwards, vacuum and polish the floor.
6. Clean the carpets, rugs and upholstery.  Carpets, rugs and upholstery require special cleaning care.  They often come with cleaning instructions when you bought them. If you do not know how to clean them, though, it would be best to call in professional cleaners who specialise in this area of cleaning.
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