Easy Tips to Clean Your Kitchen

Easy Tips to Clean Your Kitchen
Your kitchen is the place where you prepare meals for your family and friends. It is probably the busiest area in your house. It is also the dirtiest area that requires cleaning before the day end.
Cleaning your kitchen can sometimes become stressful and tedious. However, here are some easy tips that you can use to make your cleaning fast and easy.
Prepare your sink with hot soapy water before meals. So that after the meal, everyone can just put their plates on the sink that is filled with this hot solution. It will be easier to clean the plates if you will do this. If you have a dishwasher, you will save time because the dishwasher will have an easier job if the plates are already pre-rinsed by your solution.
You can also do this before you start cooking. So that the pan you have used can just be dropped in the solution. After all cooking, it will be easier to clean the pots and pans.
Keep the spoon rest on the stove with a paper towel on the counter. This will serve to catch any drips or spills from stirring and serving.
You can use lids from different containers that can be used as coasters for bottles and jars in your cabinet and fridge. These lids will serve to catch any spills from oils or syrups. Instead of cleaning the whole shelf, you only get to clean the coaster.
These are just some of the easy tips that you can use to save time and effort when you clean your kitchen.
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