Caring For and Cleaning Your Wooden Furniture

Caring For and Cleaning Your Wooden Furniture Wood is a timeless and elegant material for furniture. However, it is very delicate and requires extra care to maintain its natural beauty. Here are some tips to help you take care of your classic wood-surfaced items at home.
1.     Keep it from direct sunlight
Too much heat can dry up or remove color of the furniture. Be sure to keep it from direct sunlight and coat it with a special finish for extra protection. Humidifiers are ideal as it helps to keep wood surfaces from drying out.
2.     Know your furniture
Different types of wood have different cleaning requirements. Finishes may also vary, depending on the wood you are working on. Determine what type of wood you have and ask a professional or a furniture dealer what type of finish you should buy.
3.     Dust furniture regularly
A clean and fur-free permeable cloth may be used to dust your wooden furniture. Make sure you dust it every other day to keep the dust from building up.
4.     Occasional washing
When washing furniture, use simple water and soap solution. Dip a soft damp cloth in the solution and rub it gently against the surface of the furniture. Be careful not to rub too hard or do this frequently as the furniture may lose its color. Also, be sure to dry to it once to prevent moisture build up.
5.     Check for damages
Early detection of damage can help you save fro costly repairs. Hence, make it a habit to check on your furniture when cleaning.
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