Can a Bachelor's Pad Actually be Kept Clean by a Bachelor? Yes!

Can a Bachelor's Pad Actually be Kept Clean by a Bachelor? Yes! If you're a single man who lives in a bachelor's pad, you might use not having a woman in the house as an excuse not to keep your living quarters clean. Although women are naturally neater than men when it comes to maintaining a house, there's absolutely no reason for you to live any ‘dirtier' than you have to! By allotting a few minutes per day to organize things in your bachelor's pad and cleaning up the mess a bit, you can prevent yourself from living in a dumpster.
To start right off, spend a few hours per week polishing things up. Do it while you're waiting for the laundry to finish its cycle. Straighten out the books and magazines which you read over the week. Change your sheets, make the bed and put together all the dirty clothes in one bin.
In the kitchen, you should really do the dishes after every meal - otherwise your dishwasher would have a hard time removing the food remnants which may have already caked up on the plates. Clean up the bathroom next - place your deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush and other things all in one bin to make it easier to clean.
For the living room, use one of those plug-in air fresheners to keep it smelling fresh. Clean up the couch or the sofa, vacuum regularly and generally just keep your things neat and orderly. As a single man, you don't need to have a spotless apartment or bachelor's pad. As long as it looks lived in and kept clean, you would not be scaring away any guests who you happen to invite to your private space.
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