Areas in the House that Are Often Neglected by House Cleaners

Areas in the House that Are Often Neglected by House Cleaners
There are certain areas in your home that are often neglected by house cleaners.  So if you are going to hire professional cleaners, make sure that they have the right expertise to do the job correctly.
Ceiling fans are often overlooked by house cleaners. You should check the hidden part of the fan blades to make sure that they have been cleaned thoroughly. 
Baseboards are also areas where dust will collect fast. Remind the cleaners to wipe and polish the baseboards in order to prevent dust accumulation. 
The area behind the toilet bowl is also very easy to overlook.  You need to make sure that this area has been cleaned and sanitized properly to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.  
Other critical areas that are often overlooked include doorknobs, bathroom mirrors, and the coffee pot.  If these are not cleaned properly, then they will become favorite breeding grounds of germs and bacteria. 
Before you hire professional cleaners, make sure to check their house cleaning list.  Review the list and add necessary areas or items that they might overlook. It is very important to thoroughly assess the performance of your cleaners to make sure that your house will be cleaned properly. 
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