5 Steps To A Sparkling Fridge

5 Steps To A Sparkling FridgeCleaning the fridge is a big part of ensuring that your kitchen is as clean and tidy as it should be. You would be surprised by the amount that you judge a person on the look of their fridge, and it is essential that you don’t let it get in the way of your image as a clean and tidy individual. You will find that Deep cleaning the fridge every now and again is nothing like as difficult as Oven cleaning, but the fact is that it is a hassle, and whilst it may not be a part of your regular House cleaning routine, it should be something that you do perhaps once a month, to really keep on top of things. If you feel like that is too often for you, or you read over the following tips and decide that it is actually a bit too much of a pain, then perhaps it is worth looking in to getting a Professional cleaner to do the job. You will find that Contract cleaners can cover all aspects of the Domestic cleaning, meaning that you don’t have to worry about anything that might bother you, like the fridge cleaning...Cleaning your fridge should be done at a point where there is not too much in the fridge in the first place. You will find that you can ensure that the job is much less of a hassle in this way, and that you are not in danger of getting stuck with tons of food getting warm and going off, which is obviously a massive waste! Clearing the fridge out can be an arduous process, but you will likely discover that there are things in there that you will never use, and this is a good time to find them and get rid of them, as clutter in the fridge, and lack of space is a main reason for mess getting to be a problem in the first place! You will no doubt find that you can get the fridge emptied in five minutes or so, but it can be a good idea to give everything a wipe as you take it out, or even put it back in, to ensure that any mess and residue that has coated the containers will not get the fridge looking messy again!Once cleaned out, remove the shelves from your fridge and leave them in a sink of soapy water. Leave them to soak as you then turn your attention to the main body of the unit. You will find that the best way to ensure that you get the whole of the inside covered it to use a spray, so try mixing some washing up liquid in with a little water and putting it in a spray bottle. If this is not going to happen, then simply take a sponge and douse the inside of the fridge with cleaning product, and ensure that all areas of the unit are covered. Leave this for ten minutes whilst you wash up the shelves in the sink like plates, scrubbing away any dried on residue with a scrubbing brush or a sponge. Leave them to dry and return to the ridge and do the same, getting rid of all caked on dirt. This should be pretty simply as the surfaces are all wipe clean ones anyway. Once cleaned, dry the inside of the fridge off with a clean tea towel, and reinsert the shelves. You can then place your clean jars and food items back in!
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