4 Simple Steps in Cleaning a Bathroom

4 Simple Steps in Cleaning a Bathroom
They say that the bathroom reflects what kind of people are living in a house, unfortunately this area is the most deplorable one to clean. In order to solve this problem, here are 4 simple steps on how to clean a bathroom:
First is to prepare your cleaning supplies. Make sure you have a separate bin for your bathroom cleaning supplies. Your bathroom cleaning supplies should include toilet bowl cleaner, paper towel, sponges, soup scum and mild dew remover, floor cleaner, bathroom surface cleaner, dust rags, and window washing fluid.
Once you have you cleaning supplies ready, your second step in cleaning your bathroom is to remove all dirty towels, clothes, and rugs. Once all the dirty clothes are gone, start scrubbing the shower area. This is the area where soap scum and mildew usually build up. So, make sure to scrub and rinse it properly and regularly.
Third step will be cleaning the shower curtain, shower door, mirrors, and shelves. Make sure to remove all the streaks on the mirrors. Dust the door frames, moldings, baseboards, and shelves using your cleaning rags.
Lastly, clean your sink, which includes the facets and the toilet. The sink and the toilet are the dirtiest job in cleaning a bathroom; make sure you use the right disinfectant and disposable toilet bowl cleaner. Scrub the rim and the inside of the toilet using the toilet bowl scrubber. The sink can be clean using any cleaning agent that is use for cleaning the kitchen sink.
Do not forget to mop the floor, empty the garbage, and put fresh sheets of paper towel and clean rags on the floor. The result is a clean and shiny bathroom.
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